So you want to submit an application?

That's great. We're absolutely thrilled. We have wonderful residents at all our buildings, who respect their neighbors, value clean living spaces, and pay their bills on time, and our application process helped us find them. 

Of course, we know that filling out applications can be a bit of a pain, so please read these tips carefully before you apply. It'll save you time and help you put your best foot forward. Good luck!


Application Instructions

  • Please be thorough. Incomplete applications cannot be reviewed or approved.

  • After you submit your application, please email a copies of the following to

    • Driver's license or government identification card.

    • Social security card.

    • Proof of income. We can accept two recent pay stubs, bank statements or something similar.

Applications not submitted with this supplemental information cannot be reviewed or approved. 

  • Every prospective occupant 18 years or older must submit both an application and the supplemental materials.

  • The application fee is $25. Payment information can be provided online. Each applicant 18 or older must pay the fee, but the fee will only be assessed if an when the application is processed.

  • If you have any questions about the application or the supplemental information required, please call (562) 433-3170 before submitting your application(s).