What Makes Us Different

We don't want to be the biggest property management company in Long Beach. We just want to be the best.


We're Small By Design. 

We want to exceed your expectations and deliver superior service to your residents. That requires time, attention, and energy,  so we don't take on more than we can handle.  

We THINK the resident experience Matters ... A Lot. 

We achieve our best results when residents feel they're getting good value for their money. Yes, the space matters, but the service level and day-to-day resident experience matters too, so we aim to deliver in every regard.  


We work exclusively with owners who wish to grow or materially improve their portfolios. Sure, we'll turn a wrench when the need arises, but we're also keen to consult on strategies, acquisitions, exchanges, financings and re-financings, re-positionings, and a host of other growth-oriented matters. 


We respond to all owner and resident requests within 24 hours and try to completely resolve reported issues within the week. 


You and your residents will have a single point of contact and direct access to him or her. Your manager will understand your business plan, know your residents, and be familiar with your property inside and out. 

We collect and use data.

We're owners too, and we've achieved excellent results using a data-driven approach.  We know what information is valuable, what it can and can't tell us, and how insights can be put into action. 



Sound good? Let's talk!